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Dolce Vita

By guruscottyAugust 17, 2023No Comments

Dolce Vita


“The inspiration behind the tablescape design was the organic charm of Italy, with its quaint countryside and timeless elegance, reminiscent of intimate backyard dinner parties. To me, this environment nods to the notion of slowing down and mindful presence. Lately, I’ve found inspiration in the concept of ‘slowness’ to truly connect with others. I wanted to capture the warmth and authenticity of European culture, blending it seamlessly with the farm-to-table concept, while also cultivating an environment that created space for meaningful conversations. The choice of natural materials, such as wooden accents, patterned linens, textured ceramics, and earthy floral arrangements, evoked a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while the curated farm-fresh food selections complemented the overall experience. I aimed to create a space that encouraged genuine interaction and allowed guests to savor the moment, embracing the art of unhurried conversations and shared experiences.”

“I founded Honey & Co. with the aim of infusing my architectural expertise with a fresh and distinctive approach. It was essential for me to utilize the knowledge and skills I gained through my degree, ensuring that my passion for design remained purposeful. By venturing into the world of wedding planning, I discovered a field that not only demands creative problem-solving but also provides the freedom to forge my own path as an entrepreneur. This dynamic blend of my design background and the opportunity to work independently has allowed me to create a fulfilling and unique professional journey.”

“After many years in the field, I specialize exclusively in full service wedding planning, with an emphasis in design. This means I am working with the client from start to finish, creating a seamless vendor team and designing a client-centered environment. By focusing solely on this comprehensive offering, I am able to dedicate my expertise, resources, and attention to every detail of my clients’ planning season.”

“My aesthetic can be described as a harmonious blend of unique, immersive, and organic elements, yet somehow sprinkles in bold elements. It encompasses a gentle and beautiful atmosphere, evoking a timeless quality. I would call it a dreamland.”

“My approach to wedding planning sets me apart from others in the industry. Drawing inspiration from an architect’s perspective, I meticulously attend to every detail of the design and planning process. I have a keen eye for identifying that unique element that will make each wedding truly stand out. By cultivating a relaxed atmosphere for myself, I seamlessly infuse this sense of calm into my approach to the planning process, resulting in a truly exceptional and personalized experience for each couple.”

“The goal is to make each client feel like they are my only client. Each couple is unique and I feel that it is my responsibility to find those little tiny details about them and incorporate those elements into the overall wedding design. Creating an environment in which guests will experience knowing exactly whose event they are attending.”