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63 Years of Gown Preservation History

By guruscottyJuly 30, 2021August 15th, 2021No Comments

63 Years of Gown Preservation History

Kite’s Custom Cleaners has offered premium garment care in Fort Worth for six decades. They are known for unparalleled excellence when cleaning, preserving and restoring wedding dresses of any age.

When preparing your dress for a walk down the aisle, Kite’s inspects it to make sure it’s perfect on the big day. After the wedding, the Kite’s team treats your gown with an anti-sugar process to prevent invisible stains from appearing years later.

Kite’s uses MuseumCare™ preservation techniques, which clean and help your dress retain its original elegance. Their specialists are also certified in hands-on restoration techniques that return yellow and stained vintage gowns to their true color. Every preservation comes with a lifetime guarantee.


“When I brought my dress in, I didn’t realize all of the flaws it had until Melisa pulled it up on the pulley. I was so scared because my big day was less than a week away. She assured me they would … make my dress as perfect as possible, and she did even more than that!” -Marla