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Slimming Down with SciFit

By guruscottyJuly 30, 2021August 15th, 2021No Comments

Slimming Down with SciFit

Planning a wedding is stressful, which makes it all the more difficult for brides trying to lose weight before the big day. Dr. Bryce Calvillo co-owns SciFit Center, which custom-fits plans for people to succeed in their weight loss journey.

Dr. Calvillo recommends that brides plan to be their goal weight by the time they get their final dress alterations — at least three months before the wedding date. This deadline is also good because it gives skin time to regain its elasticity before the wedding.

“We see they’re waiting until the last minute and trying to lose weight in six weeks,” Dr. Calvillo says. “You want to take the time to do it in a healthy way.”

SciFit does not promote isolated diet philosophies, like juice cleanses or intermittent fasting. The team will determine what a client wants to accomplish and develop a plan that meets those goals and works for their lifestyle. And they hold their clients accountable all along the way — adjusting the plan as needed.

“We do what is best for each client.”