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SciFit Redefines Happy Weight

By guruscottyFebruary 16, 2022No Comments

SciFit Redefines Happy Weight

It’s not uncommon for a newlywed couple to put on a little happy weight. They’re finally with their forever person! Why not celebrate? But while a little indulgence isn’t going to harm anybody, the professionals at SciFit Center want to help keep couples from falling down the slippery slope of relationship weight.

SciFit focuses on lifestyle coaching with emphasis on nutrition, exercise and emotional health. Using body scanners, food sensitivity tests and DNA testing, Dr. Bryce Calvillo and Dr. Angela Calvillo create a better picture of a person’s current body composition with their genetics and particular body type to advise them on overall lifestyle changes they can make to reach their health goals.

Dr. Bryce Calvillo thinks that a wedding is the perfect opportunity to jump on making those changes. “It’s a new start,” Dr. Calvillo says. “You are now a spouse, you have now committed yourself to somebody. That’s your opportunity to be the best you can be for not only yourself but for your new partner that has confided in you for life. Taking the steps to be a better person includes taking steps to better yourself and your health.”

SciFit Center has a multi-faceted approach that connects all of the aspects of a person’s health, including everything from diet and exercise to emotional and mental health so that “you are not left with holes in your approach,” Dr. Calvillo says. SciFit’s goal is to get individuals on track, hold them accountable, and teach them to make their health plan a new lifestyle as opposed to a start-and-finish type of diet.

“Don’t have to go back and fix it in a year, or 10 years, or whatever,” Dr. Calvillo says. “Get everything started off how you should in a new beginning. That’ll set the tone and tempo for the life you have to come.”

More info:

4 to 5 pounds
The amount of weight gained on average in the first year of marriage, according to a University of Glasgow study, with 3 to 4 pounds typically gained in the first three months!

24 pounds
The average amount of weight gained by married women in the first five years.

Source: Obesity, the official journal of The Obesity Society