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Southern Comforts

By guruscottyFebruary 15, 2022No Comments

Southern Comforts

Tasty Texas treats for the Big Day

Clockwise from top left: Banana Pudding Trifles, Mini Chicken & Waffles with Candied Bacon and Bourbon Maple Syrup “Pipettes,” Z-Bar Cattle Filet Mignon Skewers with Cremini Mushrooms and Roasted Potato; drizzled with Garlic & Onion Jam, Baked Truffle Macaroni & Cheese, Stone-ground Bacon & Cheddar Grits with Barbecue-glazed Gulf Shrimp, Coconut Cream (2-inch), “Granny’s Apple” (4-inch), “Nanny’s Pecan” (4-inch).

  • Pies created by Buttermilk Sky Pies, multiple locations in Tarrant County
  • Catering creations dreamt up by TCP Catering, Fort Worth