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Tarrant County’s Only Certified Wedding Gown Specialist

By guruscottyFebruary 16, 2022No Comments

The Life Cycle of a Wedding Gown with Kite’s Cleaners

Over a wedding dress’ lifetime, there is a lot more care and preservation work that goes into keeping it in tip-top shape than you might realize.

Let’s say you buy your gown off the rack at a boutique, but it’s been tried on by 20 other brides, all of whom use different products. If you take your gown to Kite’s Custom Cleaners, which has 64 years of premium garment care experience and is the only certified wedding gown specialist in Tarrant County, they will take meticulous care of your gown and make sure it is picture-perfect for your wedding day by cleaning it, fixing any tears and pressing it so it has no wrinkles.

You’re likely going to schedule bridal portraits, too. And in Fort Worth, we love to take our bridals in gorgeous fields and outdoor settings. You’re definitely going to kick up some dirt on the skirt and wrinkle it—or worse. No worries. Kite’s will clean and steam your gown so it’s as good as new for your big day.

Then, it’s your big day. You’re dancing the night away and enjoying all the wonderful food and drinks you ordered. After the nuptials, Kite’s Custom Cleaners will once again clean your gown and treat it with an anti-sugar process to prevent invisible stains caused by cake or champagne.

By this point, you’ve spent a lot of time and money on this dress, so you don’t want it to get ruined in storage. Kite’s will use MuseumCareTM preservation techniques, which clean and protect your gown.

And when your future daughter wants to try on mom’s dress, every preservation comes with a lifetime guarantee that is honored internationally and includes free member services. Kite’s wedding gown specialists are certified in hands-on restoration techniques that return yellow and stained vintage gowns to their true color so that dresses can be passed down for generations to come.

No matter what stage of the life cycle your gown is in, Kite’s has you covered. More info: